Inspiring photography

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Inspiring photography

 Landscape ▌Wildlife ▌ Travel ▌ Events 


About Me


I've traveled the world for the past 30 years capturing images of the  beauty around us. I enjoy teaching photography classes and leading groups of people to new faraway places and helping them capture the experiences and wildlife with their camera. My style is  creating images that pop with color and clarity right out of the  camera.

Photography as Communication


For me, photography tells a story about a place, about the people, about  the event.  I am a believer that a picture is worth a thousand words.   I enjoy capturing images that talk to an audience.  High quality images  capture imaginations and inspire. 

Photo Expeditions


I truly enjoy leading expeditions around the world to capture people,  places, and wildlife. Annually, I lead groups as large as 20 and help them create extraordinary images by providing breathtaking locations and pointers for using a camera.  Sign up for updates and more info. 

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